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Posted by: Galaar
So you've by now heard me state in raid to use Pawn to help figure out if something is an "up" and then I disclaimer by saying you need to research your class/spec to find out your stat weights. There are tons of sources out there and this forum has links to tons of guides put forth for your use.

However, that's just the beginning. If you really really want to make sure you're making the right choices you will need to take it a step farther. Now another disclaimer: Midnight Cartel is not going to require you to min/max your toon but if you're like me and want to make sure you are rolling on the stuff that's really an upgrade, read on.

Here's what I'm offering to you: I'll do 1/2 the work. All you need to do is download 2 add-ons and then give me some simple data from one. What are the add-ons ? Glad you asked!

1. Obviously we'll need Pawn. Duh.
2. Now we need a simple add-on called Simulationcraft. (

Once you get simulationcraft log into the game and simply type /simc into chat. A pop-up will appear with a bunch of crap. Copy/paste that crap and send it to me (use private messages here or on discord).

What I'll do at that point is take your character information (that's what the crap was) and slap it into SimulationCraft the program and run a simulation on your toon with stat weights. This will tell me a nice nifty Pawn string to send to you with the correct stat weights.

All you need to do then is simply import that into Pawn and boom, updated numbers to help you make the best decision you can.

So if you want this information and don't want to do the simulation yourself (which can be a pain) simply ask me and I'll run it for you.

If you do want to run the simulation download the full program here (you'll still need the add-on):

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