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by Galaar
Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:39 pm
Forum: Dalaran
Topic: What to do when you hit 120
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What to do when you hit 120

Things to do when you hit Level 120 1. Open World Quests: You need to be FRIENDLY with the following reputations: Storm's Wake, Proudmore Admiralty, Order of Embers Complete the 3 foothold quests for the 7th Legion war campaign: After you do the first two, you'll have to do a solo island expedition...
by Galaar
Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:57 pm
Forum: Dalaran
Topic: Hunter Guides - Icy Veins (7.0.3)
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Hunter Guides - Icy Veins (7.0.3)

Here's the guides for the hunter class, including gems/enchants, talents, rotations, etc. Beastmaster: Marksman: Survival: