What to do when you hit 120

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What to do when you hit 120

Post by Galaar » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:39 pm

Things to do when you hit Level 120

1. Open World Quests: You need to be FRIENDLY with the following reputations: Storm's Wake, Proudmore Admiralty, Order of Embers
Complete the 3 foothold quests for the 7th Legion war campaign: After you do the first two, you'll have to do a solo island expedition and the third one will open up.

Once this is done it will upgrade your Flight Master's Whistle

2. Get upgrades for your War Campaign: Alleria offers upgrades like we had on class halls. The first tier has a nice 5min mounted speed buff after you use a flight path. Helps with world quests. Takes 4 hours to learn.

3. Complete all storylines on Kul'Tiras: You need to have all of them done to open the Pride of Kul'Tiras quest chain that will end with you finding Jaina and also allows you to access the dungeon "Siege of Boralus" which is a mythic only dungeon.

4. Get 7th Legion Reputation: do all world quests you can on Zandalar as they all primarily award 7th Legion rep. As you get to different levels different quests open up for the War Campaign. For example, once you hit HONORED with 7th Legion you can buy 2 missions from the quartermaster that will lead to additional flight points on the Horde continent. At REVERED 4 more of those open up! Lastly, once you have done the next to last campaign quest line you open up "King's Rest" which is another mythic only dungeon.

5. Get Champions of Azeroth Reputation: Once you hit FRIENDLY with them buy a contract that awards +10 reputation for each world quest you do. Doesn't seem like much but it adds up. Every reputation level (Friendly, Honored, Revered and Exalted) adds +15 item levels to your Heart of Azeroth. Just visit Magni in Silithus to upgrade it. (Additionally, every azerite level gives you +2 item levels on it)

6. Dungeons, Dungeons, Dungeons: besides the random world quest here and there, dungeons are the best way to gear up. Heroic dungeon queue opens at item level 305. Most mythic dungeon groups now are requiring 330+ so try to get a guild group going. If we have tanks that are slightly lower then they need to be (mythics are roughly 320 for tanks) help them out if you can. Run some heroics as every upgrade helps the guild overall.

7. Island Expeditions: don't sleep on these. Every week you need to fill up a "collected" bar from islands and it awards 2500AP which is a BIG chunk. To do it simply participate in islands. They are 3-person scenarios that have 4 difficulty levels (Normal, Heroic, Mythic and PvP). The bar to fill up is 40,000 AP which sounds like a lot but if you do a normal island you can get a max of 6000 ap in it if you win. Now that AP doesn't go towards your Heart, it goes towards your weekly target. Heroic islands need 9000 to win. Here's the deal, even if you LOSE you still get to count all that AP collected on the island towards that weekly total! Basically to max out you'll need roughly 7 Normal Islands, 5 Heroics, etc. Just try to get to 40,000 collected any way you can.

8. Work on Pathfinder Part 1: Pathfinder leads eventually to flight. Part 1 is usually the most time consuming but there will be a part 2. Probably when the 2nd major raid (Azshara) is released. Maybe the third raid. Who knows. Part 1 does give +mounted speed in the BFA zones. Probably either 10% or 20%. Here are the requirements (you'll note that some of these you'll be doing in the above things anyway).

a. Complete all storylines in Kul'Tiras (achievement is Kul Tourist)
b. Explore all 6 BFA Zones (Battle for Azeroth Explorer)
c. Wide World of Quests (complete 100 unique world quests)
d. Ready for War (complete the war campaign storylines, it ends when you hit REVERED with 7th Legion)
e. Azerothian Diplomat (reach REVERED with all 6 reps: Storm's Wake, Proudmore Admiralty, Order of Embers, Champions of Azeroth, 7th Legion, Tortollan Seekers)

9. Level professions: level primary and secondary professions as you can.

If you have any questions ask in guild chat or discord!

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Re: What to do when you hit 120

Post by Garthon » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:46 pm

Thanks for putting this together. I just hit 120 so it really helps.

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