2016 Annual Roster Purge Complete

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2016 Annual Roster Purge Complete

Post by Honeybrown » Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:12 am

The roster purge for 2016 is complete. If anyone that was purged wants to re-join MC, please submit an application and we will happily re-admit you! We want active members to keep this guild alive and thriving, please participate if you can!!!

The annual roster purge will become a normal part of the duties of the GM (and Guardians if necessary). Every year, if guild toons (alts or mains) have not been active in 2+ years (prior GM exceptions will apply), then those guild toons will be removed from the roster. At any time, you may re-apply if you become interested in our guild (and this game) again. This action is not done in anger or emotion, but simply so our officers can better manage and serve our active player base.

Thank you for reading this message, and if you need to speak with someone about this annual purge, PM me (Shamhoney is my current in-game toon) and I will happily discuss with you!


Roster prior to 12/04/16 = 979, roster as of 12/06/16 = 804.

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